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Q: Am I required to have a laptop?
A: Yes, all undergraduates are required to bring a laptop that meets the established minimum requirements. It’s more than a slick machine; it’s a vital academic tool that is part of the changing face and methodology of higher education. Desktops and tablets, iPads and other light devices are not viable as primary academic computing devices.

Q: What laptop do most students bring to campus?
A: Wake Forest encourages our students to purchase a laptop through the WakeWare program. We anticipate that more than 90 percent of your class will purchase one of the WakeWare program models throughout their time at Wake Forest.

Q: Who can buy a WakeWare laptop?
A: Anyone affiliated with the university, including faculty, staff, and students can purchase a laptop through the WakeWare program. Active undergraduate and graduate students are not limited to one computer, but certain restrictions may apply. Incoming students eligible to receive Financial aid Technology Grants can only redeem the grant once to purchase a WakeWare computer. Seniors are eligible to purchase a computer prior to Commencement.

Q: I am a newly enrolled student, when can I buy my WakeWare laptop?
A: We encourage you to wait until May before entering Wake Forest to purchase your WakeWare laptop to ensure you have the newest technology. However, if you find yourself in need of a new laptop sooner, please contact the WakeWare Program Manager. 

Q: Can I upgrade my laptop, for example by purchasing more RAM or a larger hard drive?
A: Each year laptops will be available with different configuration options. Because the laptops are specially configured for Wake Forest, there are no other options for upgrades, accessories or changes to the WakeWare program models unless they are explicitly listed on the program website.

Q: What if my laptop is stolen?
A: Since you own your laptop, the university is not responsible for replacing stolen laptops. Never leave your laptop unattended. We strongly encourage you to add your laptop to your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. You can also explore third party insurance providers, such as SafeWare.

Q: How do I get power cords, cases, and other accessories?
A: The Bookstore, located in Taylor House on Hearn Plaza, is your source for everything but the laptop itself. It houses several Wake Forest branded accessories available for purchase.

Q: What about printing?
A: You will have access to printers located in the ZSR Library. While you are welcome to have your own printer, we recommend to wait and see if you need it. Please keep in mind that we do not allow wireless printers on our network, so make sure you have a USB cable to connect.

Q: What if I’m still dazed, confused or otherwise uncertain about how the logistics of WakeWare program computer set up works?
A: No worries, contact the WakeWare Program Manager at WakeWare@nullwfu.edu or call at 336.758.4081. You can do this. We can help.

Q: I really like my iPad. Can I still bring it?
A: Yes, and it will work on the campus network as a companion device. But, it won’t suffice for the heavy lifting. Most academic software will not work on an iPad or tablet. You’ll need a laptop for that.

Q: I’m transferring to Wake Forest rather than coming in directly from high school. Can I get in on this?
A: Yes. Transfer students will have the same requirements for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and access to the WakeWare program.

Q: What are the minimum laptop requirements?
A: Minimum laptop requirements are found on the Support page.

Q: What if I elect not to purchase a WakeWare laptop and to bring my own device (BYOD)?
A: While we can assist in testing your device, we cannot ensure that it will meet all the compatibility requirements with the academic software as well as the multimedia and AV devices in the classrooms. To learn more about the limitations of support for BYODs visit the Support page.

Q: Does Wake Forest have computer labs?
A: There are no general computer labs on our campus. The Wake Forest commitment to academic technology is based on interactive engagement anywhere and anytime. We do not want students to be limited to a computer lab. There are a few academic departments that have small computer labs for very specialized software that is either too expensive or too robust to run on consumer laptops. These labs are available only for those students taking a class requiring the use of this specialized software.

Q: How soon will I get my laptop?
A: All sales are between the student and the vendor. Generally, the computers will arrive in about two weeks, but purchasers should allow three weeks for delivery. Wake Forest cannot guarantee any specific delivery times and cannot expedite shipping. If you feel that you cannot have a computer shipped to your home in time before you leave to come to school, you can ship it to campus.

Q: How do I pay for my WakeWare laptop?
A: Purchases can be paid for with major credit cards or with a technology grant through our Financial Aid Office.

Q: Who is eligible for a WFU Technology Grant?
A: Any incoming student in 2016 who receives need-based, merit, or athletic scholarship funds from Wake Forest during the first two years of enrollment. To be eligible for consideration, you must complete the Technology Grant request form. The WakeWare Program Manager will follow up with you, through your Wake Forest email, with next steps on how to purchase with the Technology Grant.

Q: I received a Technology Grant. Can I choose any model or just the one covered by the grant?
A: The technology grant covers the standard WakeWare laptop model. If you qualify for the technology grant, you can choose any of the WakeWare program models, but you will be responsible for paying the cost of the difference between the standard model and the upgraded model you choose in either platform.

Q: Can I return my new WakeWare laptop?
A: All sales are between the student and the vendor. Returns, cancellations, and credits are at the discretion of the vendor directly.

Q: Do I buy my own software, such as Microsoft Office?
A: No. All students may download all their academic software from software@WFU.

Q: Can I install my own software on a WakeWare computer?
A: Yes. Your WakeWare laptop is yours to do with as you please.

Q: How do I get my WakeWare computer repaired (away from campus within the continental U.S.)?
A: If your computer will not work, for whatever reason, call our Service Desk at 336.758.4357(HELP).  Our on-campus Service Desk will assist you to diagnose the issue and determine if it needs to be sent in for repairs. You are also able to call your vendor’s support number found on their website.

Q: Can I trade my WakeWare laptop in for a new one?
A: Any enrolled undergraduate student can purchase a new laptop until the day prior to Commencement. Currently, the WakeWare program does not offer a trade-in program, but it may be considered in the future.