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Wake Forest University earned a reputation as a leader in academic technology and is committed to giving its students an environment of interactive academic engagement in every discipline it offers. This commitment rests chiefly on the dedication of internationally acclaimed faculty, but it doesn’t stop there. In the 21st century, it extends to technology compatible with teacher-scholars’ expertise, students’ intellectual curiosity and modern infrastructure demands. Wake Forest has developed a platform-independent laptop purchase and support program to satisfy all of the students’ academic needs. Technology experts at the University carefully select, configure, and test a variety of unique laptops purposely built to last a student throughout their academic use.

Why should I purchase a laptop through WakeWare?

  • Price: Negotiated discounts, and extended warranties and insurance, make this the best value around. Our comprehensive program of hardware, software, and support ensures that our students have an unparalleled experience.
  • Reliability from start to finish: Computers available through the program are enterprise level machines, designed specifically for your academic use at Wake Forest. They are configured with more RAM and are generally more durable than many consumer grade models sold online or at big-box retailers. In short, WakeWare laptops are machines you can depend on for your entire time at Wake Forest.
  • Connections: WakeWare computers are designed to connect seamlessly to the WFU wireless network. They are also configured to work with all multimedia and AV equipment in any campus classroom and residence hall. They will meet the needs of every student – no matter which major they choose.
  • Disaster Management: Convenience is priceless when you are busy with schoolwork and campus life. Our on-campus Service Desk, is located at the center of campus in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library. The Service Desk is an authorized warranty service provider for all laptops purchased through WakeWare. The staff is available to help with your hardware and software needs. No need to call Mom or Dad at 1:00am. Instead, stop by The Service Desk to get all of your computer problems taken care of.
  • Loaner Computers Provided: If your WakeWare laptop requires repair, loaner computers are available at no additional fee or charge. You’ll never have to worry about being without a computer. The loaner program is coordinated through The Service Desk.
  • The software@WFU website: Access the software you need to complete assignments and take care of classwork with a click or two at no additional charge. No running to the store or purchasing software online. Customize your suite of software to meet your academic needs. Visit software@WFU to see what is available. If you need assistance with software installations, our Service Desk team will assist you.