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Software Eligibility and Requirements

software@WFU is your one-stop shop for downloading all of your academic software. Just like textbooks, software requirements for every class will be available after class registration. While all students have access to academic software from software@WFU, WakeWare laptops have been thoroughly tested to ensure compatibility with all academic software. You do not need to purchase any software, such as Microsoft Office, with your WakeWare purchase. All academic software can be downloaded from the software@WFU once you receive your laptop.

In addition, there are many cloud-based applications available to WFU students, such as unlimited file storage with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive or real-time voice and video collaboration with WebEx.

Don’t forget, this is your laptop. WakeWare laptops are designed to support your music, video streaming, and entertainment purposes. Your WakeWare laptop won’t only support your academic purposes, but give you the resources you depend on, like Spotify, iTunes, Netflix, and more!